UK Trailer: “Robot Overlords”

Some films just come out of nowhere, and the trailer for one such project has arrived. The selling point? It’s Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley taking on robot oppressors. Jon Wright, the filmmaker behind the solidly regarded indie creature feature “Grabbers,” has co-written and directed the $21 million-budget “Robot Overlords”.

Callan McAuliffe (“I Am Number Four,” “Kite”) leads the cast of this teen-skewing film in which Earth has been conquered by alien robots with human survivors essentially under house arrest – if they leave, an electronic implant will alert the robots who will then target them for incineration.

Amongst this, a gang of teenagers figure out how to deactivate theirs and head off in search of a father who has gone missing. Embankment Films is slated to release the film on March 19th in the United Kingdom.