UK Film “Robot Overlords” Becomes A Series

Buccaneer Media has signed a deal to create a spin-off TV series based on the U.K. independent sci-fi adventure movie “Robot Overlords” at Tempo Productions.

Jon Wright helmed the film which opened in the UK in March and starred Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley, Callan McAuliffe, James Tarpey and Ella Hunt. The story features a group of survivors following the invasion of Earth by alien robots.

The new series will be set in a parallel universe to the movie. Jon Wright, the film’s director, announced the small screen version at a London Comic Con event on Friday. The title and cast for the spin-off TV series is yet to be announced.

Producer Piers Tempest says: “This series will really expand the canvas of the robot occupation, and we are aiming to make an explosive show that the U.K. will be very proud of. Stay in your homes.”

Source: Variety