UK “Being Human” Gets A Fifth Season

From “Spooks” to “Skins” to “Footballers Wives”, many UK shows undergo major casting shake-ups all the time. Lead characters get killed off randomly or written out between seasons.

Even with that taken into account, this current fourth season of the original UK version of “Being Human” saw such a shake-up many were wondering if the series would survive. How does one continue a show about a ghost, a vampire and two werewolves living together when the ghost is the only cast member left?

Aside from a rushed and messy season premiere to tie up all the loose ends, the answer was essentially to reboot the show. While some of the fanbase hasn’t fallen for the new cast, a surprising number of them (along with TV critics) have found the change has reinvigorated the series.

It has been helped by a tonal return to the slightly lighter character-centric days of the first season, along with fun work by the cast be it returning ghost Lenora Crichlow, guest star upgraded to regular werewolf Michael Socha, and Andrew Gower’s David Thewlis-esque delivery as the season’s antagonist Cutler.

The real revelation this year though has been Irish actor Damien Molony’s superb work as the new vampire Hal. An obsessive-compulsive vampire riddled with a dark past and internal contradictions, Molony had the toughest job overcoming the memory of Aidan Turner’s Mitchell – and ultimately has bested him by delivering a far more complex and compelling character which he has performed with aplomb.

Now, just after the fourth season finale aired in the UK, BBC3 confirmed through its BH Twitter account that the show has been renewed for a fifth season. As per its usual production schedule, said episodes are expected to go to air in the first quarter of 2013.