Ubisoft Planning A Netflix TV Series?

Video game giant Ubisoft will crack into the film business with next month’s “Assassin’s Creed” movie. That comes ahead of several other films in the works based on Ubisoft game properties including the Tom Hardy-led “Splinter Cell,” the Jake Gyllenhaal-led “The Division,” the Michael Bay-produced “Ghost Recon,” and films based on the “Watch Dogs” and “Far Cry” franchises.

Yet there may be something else in the works with a Reuters article indicating today that the French game publisher is “in talks with Netflix over a series”. No further details are available.

Ubisoft’s first non-game project was the animated series “Rabbids Invasion” which premiered in 2013 and is currently airing its third season. A Netflix deal would be something different and of course the big question is – what property would it be? Other notable Ubisoft titles include the “Prince of Persia,” “Call of Juarez,” “Rainbow Six,” “Rayman,” “Just Dance” and “Trials” franchises.