U.S. Trailer: Zhang Yimou’s “Shadow”

U S Trailer Zhang Yimous Shadow

Ignoring the misfire that was “The Great Wall,” celebrated filmmaker and master of elegant period martial arts combat Zhang Yimou returns with “Shadow” which scored rave reviews on the festival circuit last year.

Returning to the genre he dominated over a decade ago with the triple punch of “Hero,” “House of Flying Daggers” and “Curse of the Golden Flower,” the new film reimagines the classic ‘Three Kingdoms’ tale along with the idea of doubles.

Deng Chao, Sun Li, Zheng Kai, and Guan Xiaotong star in the film set in a kingdom ruled by a young and unpredictable king. The military commander has a secret weapon: a look-alike who can fool both his enemies and the King himself. Now he must use this weapon in an intricate plan that will lead his people to victory in a war that the King does not want.

The film not only pushes the boundaries of wuxia action, but offers a heavily monochrome stylised look with only occasional bursts of color mainly coming from skin tones and blood.

Well Go USA Entertainment has now released the U.S. trailer for the film ahead of its North American release in cinemas on May 3rd.