U.S. Trailer: “They Shall Not Grow Old”

U S Trailer They Shall Not Grow Old

Following a highly successful airing on UK television and in a limited theatrical release there, Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new U.S. trailer for Peter Jackson’s acclaimed WWI documentary “They Shall Not Grow Old”.

The doco gives an extraordinary look at the soldiers and events of the Great War, using film footage captured at the time which has been meticulously restored. Jackson and his team took black and white footage from the BBC and Imperial War Museums’ archives, cleaned up the prints and digitally colorised it – the result showing details that have never been seen before.

Jackson is a WWI aficionado who has curated a Great War museum exhibition in New Zealand. “They Shall Not Grow Old” will hit theaters in a limited release on December 17th and 27th via Fathom Events.