U.S. Trailer: “Let the Corpses Tan”

The classic giallo gets a modern update in Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzan’s stylish “Let the Corpses Tan,” a homage to classic 1970s European crime thrillers with their hard violence and stylised shot composition.

The story is set on the Mediterranean coast at the height of summer and follows a gang hiding out in an abandoned Mediterranean seaside cliff ruin with 250 kgs of stolen gold. Along with dealing with a hypersexual female artist searching for inspiration who lives in the ruins, they must deal with surprise guests and two cops potentially compromising their plan.

The film is fairly unique in one way – no sound was recorded on set with the entire auditory landscape created over months in foley studios. The film kicks off a platform rollout in New York and Los Angeles on August 31st and the U.S. trailer for it has just been released. Check it out below: