Tyrese On Transformers 2 Role

Generally, during a press day for a movie like Death Race, reporters have to suffer through the obligatory questions about the movie at hand, in this case Death Race, before getting to the movies they really want to talk about. Thankfully, Tyrese Gibson did the work for us this weekend, shifting from Death Race to Transformers 2 talk only minutes into the interview.

“I like doing one-offs, but I’m more excited about franchises. We’re doing Transformers 2 right now. It’s crazier, it’s angrier, it’s bigger explosions, more robots.”

“Angrier” is certainly an intriguing way to describe the big budget sequel. We asked Gibson to expand on that: “The conflict between the robots and the humans [is more angry],” Gibson adds. “The stakes have been brought up to a whole nother level. The conflicts between the humans and the Decepticons and then the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons. It’s just more angry.”

“Michael Bay is just in rare form right now.”

Paramount is already hyping the fact that Transformers 2 will be bigger with more robots, but Tyrese is careful not to reveal too much. “More robots. I’m not saying bigger. You’re trying to get me to give up the size.” (Laughs)

What Gibson will say is that his character’s role is expanded this time around. “I am at the top of my class. I am the highest-ranking officer of my class. So it’s exciting. I can just say this. Michael Bay is definitely giving Epps a lot of love in this one. It’s going to be special. I’ve been interacting with robots. Most of the conversation with robots [in the first film] was with Shia’s character. I’ve had a few conversations [in the second film] with robots. It’s real interesting.”

Gibson took a quick break from shooting in order to attend the Death Race junket at Comic-Con, but he’s heading right back to the shoot after. “We rolling. I just did a night shoot. That’s why I was so tired yesterday because we shot until about 6:30 in the morning. We’re doing the night thing right now and then we’re going back to Alamogordo, [New Mexico] white sands to do some more of that rock star stuff out there. The stakes is just a thousand times higher. Crazy.”

Production on Transformers 2 is close to the midway point and Gibson says there is plenty of big action left to be filmed. “We’ve got about two and a half more months of filming. We’ve got to go overseas. “I’m hearing Jordan and a few other locations. It’s full-throttle.”