Two “Tintin” Trailers & Title Confusion

Following on from yesterday’s posters comes both a domestic and international version of the first teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the “Tintin” comics.

The trailers themselves are true ‘teasers’ with mostly quick cut footage of the scale of the adventure rather than revealing any plot details. The music is excellent, the CG landscapes and environments are stellar, the character facial animation is… good. It’s certainly better than the usual Zemeckis mo-cap stuff but still odd enough to be a distraction. The clips also notably avoid close-ups and dialogue is all voice over, so no actual mouth movements are seen – thus it’s hard to judge properly.

That said, it certainly captures the adventurous spirit of the books. Quite a few scenes from both “The Crab with the Golden Claws” and “The Secret of the Unicorn” stories are shown along with a doozy of a money shot involving a pirate ship caught on a wave plowing across a desert – something I don’t recall from the story. Those unfamiliar with the property will likely not know what the hell is going on and will probably have to wait for the next trailer as this one gives away no details about the plot.

The international cut has a few seconds of extra footage – mainly some new opening shots and a different voice over at the end. Yetserday’s posters lead to talk that the studio has dropped “The Secret of the Unicorn” from the title, and certainly the U.S. trailer is going just by the moniker “The Adventures of Tintin”. The international version however, where “Tintin” is a much more well-known property and fans can recall the two dozen or so stories by name, keeps the full title.