Two “Paranormal Activity” Films In 2014

Paramount Pictures has decided to shake up its plans for the “Paranormal Activity” franchise as the fifth film still hasn’t gone into production.

A few weeks ago came word that PA5 had moved from the franchise’s traditional annual October release slot to a January 3rd 2014 release.

Now, the company has pushed back “Paranormal Activity 5” all the way to an October 24th 2014 release date. Greg Plotkin, who edited the last three films, is looking likely to direct that next chapter.

However, fans of the franchise will get their satisfaction sooner than that. Christopher Landon’s latino-audience targeted spin-off of the franchise is much further along than PA5, and has already been performing well with test audiences.

As a result, Paramount has moved it into that January 3rd 2014 release slot. Formerly titled “The Oxnard Tapes,” they’ve changed the title to fall under the franchise’s moniker. It will now go by the name of “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”.

Source: Yahoo