Two Originals Return For “NYPD Blue” Revival

Two Originals Return For Nypd Blue Revival

Original “NYPD Blue” series stars Kim Delaney and Bill Brochtrup will reportedly reprise their roles in the upcoming revival of the ABC crime drama.

For the pilot, Delaney and Brochtrup will return to their respective roles of Diane Russell (who joined in S2) and John Irvin (who joined in S11) and both are set as series regulars. Delaney won an Emmy for her work in the role.

The revival will center on an adult Theo Sipowicz who is attempting to earn his detective shield and work in the 15th squad while investigating the murder of his father Andy (Dennis Franz).

Other alums Matt Olmstead, Nick Wootton, and Jesse Bochco will also star in the pilot. Olmstead and Wootton will write while Bochco is set to direct. Dayna Bochco will produce.

Source: TV Line