Two More Join The Dark Knight

Nestor Carbonell (“Smokin’ Aces,” TV’s “Suddenly Susan”) has joined the cast of Warner Bros. “Batman Begins” sequel “The Dark Knight” according to the trades.

Carbonell, most recently seen in a recurring role as a Dharma initiative manager in TV’s “Lost”, will play the mayor of Gotham City. It’s thought that he’ll complete work on the project before joining Jimmy Smits on CBS’s new drama series “Cane.”

Meanwhile MTV reports that rapper/actor David Banner (“Black Snake Moan”) auditioned this week for a role in the film which he describes as a villain named ‘Gamble,’ odd considering there is no such villain in the comic’s long history.

The closest, according to scooper ‘ToFace’, is a minor villain called ‘The Gambler’ who even masqueraded as the Joker in some New Titans comics, but visually looks more like Col. Sanders in a pink trenchcoat than a rap artist.