Two More Actresses To Appear In “Ultron”

The list of celebrity attendees for the world premiere of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has surfaced.

What would normally be an uninteresting document has drawn a lot of attention though as the section for the film’s cast includes two fairly well known actresses who have not been mentioned as part of the cast before.

Specifically, both Julie Delpy (“Before Sunrise”) and Linda Cardellini (“Scooby-Doo”) have been slotted in amongst the other cast members of the film including Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans.

Other celebrities attending the premiere are in a different section of the document and so this has quickly led to speculation about what roles either of them could be playing – including the possibility that one of them is Captain Marvel.

Slashfilm got in contact with Disney who has confirmed that their inclusion in the cast list was not a misprint. There wasn’t any comment beyond that.