Two Holding Out On “Breaking Dawn”?

Though Summit still have the option to do only one film, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” looks like it will be split into two films and the studio is presently pursuing that option with vigour reports THR, Esq..

Author Stephanie Meyer has apparently already signed off on the plan to make it into two films, director Bill Condon is locked for two, and their source says “This thing is gonna be two movies. With or without the cast intact.” In fact the only major reason for not doing it is the expense – as the cast wasn’t signed for a fifth movie, renegotiations have commenced and the various stars are understandably demanding more money.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all getting big raises to return and the studio is said to be close to finalising agreements with them. Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke are also set to return as Edward and Bella’s fathers respectively.

The hold outs however are the other Cullen kids, more specifically Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene who’re apparently asking for at least ten times what the actors made on the first movie after initial lowball offers from Summit. As both the actors and characters aren’t that essential, at least one of them may be replaced (ala Rachelle Lefevre) to make a point says a source. An announcement about ‘Dawn’ being made into two films likely won’t take place until all the cast deals are all locked down.

In any case the expenses for the films continue to rise. The first “Twilight” came in at the very economical $37 million, “New Moon” is at $50 million, and at last report “Eclipse” is costing $65 million. Even shot back-to-back, the costs for ‘Dawn’ are likely to dwarf those of ‘Eclipse’. One cost-cutting measure being considered is moving the production to Louisiana rather than filming in Vancouver where the second and third film were shot.