Two-Face Making An Appearance?

Whilst the Joker’s visage hasn’t been completely revealed in a hi-res, full color glossy photo, people are now generally aware of what Ledger’s make-up job in upcoming Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” will look like.

Thus the big remaining question is that will the incident with Harvey Dent being scarred and becoming Two-Face be done in this film, or are they holding that plot point for a further sequel? Sounds like the former according to a scooper for film ick.

That site reports that scenes have been filmed with Aaron Eckhart in Two Face makeup and describes it as “scarring across the nose just a tad bit. One of his eye is deformed. And little bubbles across the scarring”. They also re-iterate that Anthony Michael Hall ‘s role in the film is that of Edward Nygma (better known as ‘The Riddler’).