Two Characters Return In “Sin City 2”?

With progress finally happening on the “Sin City” sequel, there’s been a question over what characters from the first film in 2005 will be returning says MTV News.

Now, comic creator and co-director Frank Miller says some tinkering is still being done on the script and a more realistic start date would be spring next year rather than at the end of this year as previously mentioned.

Miller also confirmed that the character of Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) and Marv (Mickey Rourke) will make appearances, Nancy’s mini-story will essentially bridge together both the other stories in this film and this film with the previous film.

Aside from hers, there will be three other stories – one short called “The Long Bad Night”, the Marv-centered “Just Another Saturday Night”, and the big one that will dominate the film – “A Dame to Kill For” which features several other characters seen in the original.

No word on which actors from the original will be returning for this outing.