Two “Bourne” Films Still Being Developed

Earlier this week came the news that Universal Pictures is in talks to re-team Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass for a new Jason Bourne movie, their return to the series after a seven year absence.

It was said this film would take precedence over the second Jeremy Renner-led, Justin Lin-directed ‘Bourne’ film (following “The Bourne Legacy”) which would be pushed back. The studio has yet to comment on the reports.

Now Frank Marshall, the producer of all the films in the series, tells THR that because no deals have been finalized they are still developing both simultaneously:

“We’re on two tracks. And if this one [with Damon and Greengrass] comes together, great, but they’re still just talking… [Bourne Legacy 2] movie is moving forward. It’s still in development. We’re working to get a script as soon as possible.”

What’s also unknown at this point is if Paul Greengrass will write the script for the next Bourne, though he and his longtime editor Christopher Rouse are said to have come up with a concept that would see Damon’s return.

Yet the article also says the talk could be a ploy, a negotiating tactic to get Fox to green light “The Ballad of Richard Jewel” which Greengrass and Leonardo DiCaprio have been wanting to do and the studio has been waffling on.

In any case, those hoping for a Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross crossover are going to be disappointed as it sounds like they are being kept distinct.