Two Animated “Spawn” Series In The Works?

Two Animated Spawn Series In The Works

While Todd McFarlane has teased a live-action “Spawn” for some years now, but that hasn’t stopped him pursuing other avenues of adaptation.

“Spawn” was previously adapted into a widely panned 1997 live-action film, but around the same time it also became an acclaimed HBO adult animated series which lasted for three short seasons and had Keith David as the voice of Spawn.

During a recent appearance at Fan Expo Canada, McFarlane reportedly revealed that two more animated series are being developed and one of these shows will be aimed at kids:

“We’re talking right now. I just had a couple of meetings this weekend about a couple of different animation looks, both something that we can get kids in at a younger age and then get them into the sort of crack cocaine version of Spawn. And then do the adult one. So we’re talking about that. I think both of those come after the movie.”

Blumhouse is still reportedly developing the new live-action film which still has Jaime Foxx and Jeremy Renner attached to star.

Source: Comic Book Resources