Two and a Half Men Gets Rebooted

With Charlie Sheen gone, CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” looks like it’s about to undergo a reboot reports MSNBC.

Series creator Chuck Lorre has reportedly already come up with an idea for a series reboot which would include Jon Cryer cast alongside a new character.

The likes of Woody Harrelson, Bob Saget, Jeremy Piven, and Cuba Gooding Jr. have all been floated as possibilities. It’s also likely the kid, Angus T. Jones, would return for the reboot.

Meanwhile, Sheen is still desperately trying to win back his job with the actor reportedly holding meetings with other cast members to try and win their support for his return. The studio however has adamantly declared they don’t want him back.

Official plans are expected to be revealed at the network’s upfront presentation next month.