Twin Peaks Revival Might Hit The Cinema

As the lines continue to blur between the big and small screens, cinematic screenings of TV events are expected to only increase with time. Speaking with Bloomberg (via Welcome to Twin Peaks), Showtime CEO David Nevins revealed that one such plan may be in the works with the network’s upcoming “Twin Peaks” revival.

David Lynch is helming all the episodes of this continuation of the famed mystery drama, and Nevins says the network is already fielding inquires about screening episodes from the new series at larger public venues:

“You’re going to continue to see the blurring of movies and television. You’re going to see television shows produced primarily for television that’s going to play in theaters for an occasional out-of-home collective experience. I’m already feeling interest. People are coming to us, ‘You want to premiere this? You want to show four episodes?’ So I guarantee you when we put ‘Twin Peaks’ out, people are gonna want to put that in theaters. So I see those lines blurring.”

How such a rollout would work isn’t clear as the episode count for Lynch’s revival is still not yet known, nor is the release strategy. Nevis does say that, unlike with their new comedy series “Dice” which is releasing its entire first season online on April 10th, they won’t follow the Netflix model of an “all at once” release with “Twin Peaks”:

“When we put ‘Twin Peaks’ out, maybe it’ll be fun not to do just one a week, but to do it in a different way. Who knows. [That’s] something I’ll talk about with David Lynch. There’s all sorts of possibilities, but the idea of just throwing it out, having a week or two weeks of buzz, and then having it die down, I don’t think that makes sense for us.”

The new episodes are slated to premiere in early 2017, but when could have an impact on how many screens could be booked for such an event.