“Twin Peaks” Closing Out On Soft Ratings

Showtime’s “Twin Peaks” airs its two-part finale tonight, bringing an end to David Lynch’s acclaimed and widely debated eighteen episode run that has bewildered, bored, bemused and blown away those who’ve kept up with the journey.

But TV is a business, and in that business numbers matter. The series’ average viewership reportedly sits at a paltry 372,000 in Live+3 ratings. When DVRs, streaming and on-demand viewing is added up it averages two million viewers per episode. Showtime’s other hits like “Homeland,” “Shameless” and “Ray Donovan” score an average of about double that.

That said the series has driven a record number of people to sign up for a free trial of the Showtime standalone streaming service, more than any other series since the service’s launch in 2015.

According to those running the network, most of those who signed up have kept up the $11 a month service and so the question is once the show is over, how many will drop-off? We’ll find out within the next week or so.

Source: The Live Feed