Twilight Zone’s ‘Ship’ Turns Countdown

Summit is planning to turn the classic “Twilight Zone” episode ‘Death Ship’ into a sci-fi action feature film called “Countdown” says The Hollywood Reporter.

“I Am Legend” author Richard Matheson penned the original episode which revolves around a group of astronauts who land on a planet only to find a crashed spaceship and corpses that eerily resemble their own.

The group must piece together where they are and whether they might in fact already be dead.

Scribe Michael Brandt will make his directorial debut on the project and will co-write with Derek Haas a new draft of Stephen Gregg and Scott Burn’s original adaptation. Brandt and Haas have worked together before on “3:10 to Yuma,” “2 Fast 2 Furious,” and “Wanted.”

Production could begin as early as late summer with a budget in the $30 million range.