Twilight, Spidey, Potter Money Talk

Often far more creative than the movies they churn out are the accounting books of various Hollywood institutions. Studios, production companies and distributors of all sizes are famous for playing rather loose with their dough on the one hand, and yet are tighter than a Dickensian miser on the other.

Some getting the good end of the deal are the “Twilight” cast. Vulture reports that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will each get $25 million for the two “Breaking Dawn” films along with 7.5% of gross revenue.

This is expected to average out at around $41 million each, a big jump from the $2 million apiece they got for the first film in the series and the $12 million they got for “New Moon”.

On the flipside of the scale though, Deadline reports that actor Andrew Garfield will be getting a mere $500,000 for the upcoming first film in Sony’s planned reboot of “Spider-Man”, with a $1 million and $2 million paycheck option for the next two sequels.

To give you a comparison Tobey Maguire scored $4 million for the first “Spider-Man” film in 2002 and had the studio gone ahead with two further sequels, Maguire would’ve gone on to earn an estimated $50 million plus profit shares.

Finally, Deadline has posted a budget breakdown for 2007’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” which hints that despite earning nearly $940 million worldwide from a $150 million budget – the film still ended up $167 million in the red.

The amount includes a whopping $211 million spent on distribution and $57 million charged in interest payments.