Twilight Sequels Shot Back-To-Back

There’s one big problem for any actor playing a teenage vampire – teenagers age quickly, vampires do not.

With post-production in full-swing on Summit Entertainment’s big screen adaptation of “Twilight”, Stephenie Meyer’s first novel in the series, talk already has turned to the sequels according to MTV News.

Most interesting is that those involved are talking of adapting the next two books ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’ back-to-back ala “The Matrix” trilogy with the main purpose being to film the actors before growth spurts change their features too much.

Director Catherine Hardwicke says “Our vampires can’t age…if they were like 45, people would say ‘What’s up?. [Filming them together] could be the case. Then, you just get it done.”

Producer Greg Mooradian adds “It’s been discussed. I can’t tell you we’re at that place yet, but it’s definitely been discussed. [We like the idea of] shooting them back to back, and shooting them simultaneously as they did with ‘Lord of the Rings’. From a production standpoint, it’s a great thing to do. But it’s quite an undertaking.”

Any other reasons for doing it? “The goal is to keep it moving quickly. [That will] give the audience a sense of knowing that the next installment is going to come at a really specific increment of time. We’re going to go as fast as humanly possible, especially since there are at least four stories to tell. We’d like to keep a real consistency as to how quickly we are able to do it.”

Stephenie Meyer added that she supports the idea of shooting the sequels simultaneously. Those involved have signed on for three films and if the go-ahead is given it’s said that production on them could start very soon.