Twilight Scribe To Pen “Jessica Jones”

The Disney and Netflix deal for four original Marvel series to premiere on the streaming service is moving forward quickly. Yesterday came word that “The Cabin in the Woods” co-writer/director Drew Goddard had come onboard to write and direct the “Daredevil” adaptation.

Today, it has been revealed that “The Twilight Saga” series scribe Melissa Rosenberg is set to write and executive produce the “Jessica Jones” series. Rosenberg was actually selected years ago to develop the property for ABC, but the series never came to fruition.

Now though she’s back and the series is definitely moving forward. Rosenberg will hopefully have better luck with this than her last series, ABC’s quickly cancelled “Red Widow”.

In the comics, Jones is a private detective and former superhero who’d had a lackluster career and quit after suffering an incident that left her in a coma.

Still no word as yet regarding who will be running the “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage” series adaptations.

Source: The Live Feed