Twilight Saga: Eclipse Full Trailer Online

The much anticipated first trailer for the third “Twilight” feature ‘Eclipse’ has gone online in full. The usual staples are here – Jacob sounding like a dangerous stalker, Edward looking pined, Bella being indecisive – so much repressed sexual angst and no-one has even broken a hymen yet.

Better are the other elements. Director David Slade’s visual touch is more eye-catching than the other two films – there’s that slightly ethereal feel in the early shots missing from the all too plain-spoken “New Moon”, but without the rather obvious blue-tint effect of the first film. Certainly there’s a lot more beauty shots of the Pacific Northwest.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s brief river jumping wire-trick shot as Victoria is really the closest thing this preview has to a payoff, aside from maybe Taylor Lautner’s shirtless action (good news boy and girls, he’s now legal). Anyway you can make up your own mind below or in HD over on Yahoo: