TV Trailers: CW’s “iZombie,” “Messengers”

Following The CW’s TCA Winter Tour presentation over the weekend, the network has debuted the first trailers for its two new mid-season series “iZombie” and “The Messengers”.

“Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas produces “iZombie” about an over-achieving medical resident who attends a party where she unexpectedly becomes one of the undead. Trying to get over her urges to feed on human brains, she takes a job in the Seattle coroner’s office. The show premieres March 17th.

A month later on April 10th comes “the Messengers,” in which five strangers find an instant connection after being hit by the shock wave of a mysterious object plummeting to Earth. The five become newly christened Angels of the Apocalypse and may be the only thing that stops the Rapture from happening.