TV Promos: Who, Legends, Flash & More

A couple of key TV series promo trailers have dropped today in the wake of many shows going on their mid-season hiatus from this week before they return in either January or February.

First up, The BBC have released a new trailer for the “Doctor Who” Christmas special including what looks like a glimpse at Peter Capaldi’s regeneration into Jodie Whittaker’s new incarnation of the character. That airs Christmas Day.

Next, The CW has dropped the promo for the mid-season return of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. With the departure of two key series regulars in the recent episodes, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine is hopping onboard the Waverider as a regular. The remaining nine episodes of the season return in February.

“Supergirl” left Kara broken and barely alive at the hands of worldkiller Reign, and the series follows up its cliffhanger mid-season finale with the episode ‘Legion of Superheroes’ from January 15th.

With Barry Allen now on trial for murder, the mid-season premiere of “The Flash” takes on a courtroom drama feel when it comes back January 16th.

A divided Team Arrow takes the fight to Cayden James (Michael Emerson) who has assembled his own team of villains. With the group no longer united will they survive? All new episodes kick off January 18th.

FOX’s “Gotham” returns in the Spring with Jerome and Penguin now incarcerated together in Arkham and forming a dangerous alliance, Jim still uncertain of Sofia Falcone’s loyalties, the return of a much more adult and fully powered Poison Ivy, and Bruce embracing his destiny.

Finally, “Supernatural” comes back on January 18th with ‘Wayward Sisters’ – the back door pilot for the female-centric spin-off series. However, the promo has no women in it – rather it keeps the focus on Sam and Dean in peril.