TV News: Who, Night, Ladies, Risk, Pan

Doctor Who
The BBC has confirmed that ‘Death in Heaven’, next weekend’s season finale episode of “Doctor Who,” will run for a full 60 minutes as opposed to the regular 45 minutes. ‘Heaven’ will be the second part of a two-part finale beginning with the episode ‘Dark Water’ which airs this Saturday. [Source: Digital Spy]

The Night Manager
AMC is near a deal for the U.S. rights to BBC’s six-episode mini-series adaptation of John le Carre’s 1993 novel “The Night Manager”. David Farr is adapting the novel for TV.

Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie star in the story follows a former British soldier who is drawn into a sting operation involving black market weapons after he goes to work for a luxury hotel. [Source: Variety]

Hello Ladies
HBO has announced a November 22nd air date for “Hello Ladies: The Movie,” a TV movie which wraps up the story threads of Stephen Merchant’s cancelled comedy series “Hello Ladies”.

In the film, Stuart (Merchant) learns that his British ex-girlfriend is planning to visit Los Angeles with her husband. He sets out to impress them with his glamorous lifestyle, enlisting a Russian model he’s just met to play the role of his beautiful girlfriend. [Source: The Wrap]

ABC is teaming with producers Jack Kenny (“Warehouse 13”), Ian Sander (“Reckless”) and Kim Moses (“Ghost Whisperer”) for a U.S. series adaptation of the French drama “Risk”. The story deals with a family-run private investigation firm with looming financial problems.

The family finds themselves forced to team up with Nikki Castaneda, a former national security agent who now owns a successful corporate investigation firm and has a very different approach to the work. Sexual tension between the merged company’s lead investigators quickly boils over. [Source: The Live Feed]

Peter Pan
NBC has posted the first promo trailer for their upcoming musical event “Peter Pan Live”. Nothing of the actual performance during rehearsals is shown, but we do see Allison Williams and Christopher Walken in costume in some behind-the-scenes footage. The event goes to air on December 4th.