TV News: Who, Lost, Lives, Nova

Doctor Who
The BBC has released this promo image for the upcoming season while a second trailer for the new Matt Smith/Steven Moffat-era of the long-running series will go online on Saturday night UK time (the first is still available here).

The broadcaster has apparently indicated the season will kick off in April on BBC One but hasn’t given a more specific date. The earliest it could commence would be March 13th, though with the 60-minute runtime of the premiere there’s speculation the network will launch it on Easter Saturday (April 3rd), much like they did with the ‘Planet of the Dead’ special last year. Either way BBC America will likely fast track the episodes to start sometime in April in the US.

EW reports that Maggie Grace will reprise her role as Shannon in this last season. Executive producer Carlton Cuse says “We’re really excited about having her back on the show and we have a good story for her.” He did not specify how many episodes she would appear in.

Nine Lives
NBC is apparently sparking to the Steven Spielberg-produced “Nine Lives” says The Hollywood Reporter, a twelve-hour mini-series originally planned several years ago for The Sci-Fi Channel. Scribe Les Bohem is reworking the scripts, about people having near-death experiences to see their loved ones in the afterlife, with a broader broadcast tone in mind and will make a decision once those scripts are in.

Terra Nova
Speaking of Spielberg, he and Peter Chernin are in negotiations to executive produce Fox’s drama “Terra Nova” about a family from the 22nd century who head back in time to prehistoric Earth of 150 million years ago says Variety. Due to the cost, there’s talk the series could go directly into production rather than shooting a standalone pilot.