TV News: Who, HBO, Thrillsville, Skies

Doctor Who
31-year-old Lara Pulver, best known for her recent BBC roles as Irene Adler on “Sherlock” and Erin Watts on “Spooks” (aka. MI-5), is said to be among the front runners to potentially replace Matt Smith as the titular Time Lord on “Doctor Who”.

The tabloid suggests a dramatic twist will see the current 11th incarnation of The Doctor regenerate into a woman when next season reaches its dramatic climax which is also around the time of the show’s 50th anniversary. [Source: The Express]

HBO has announced the premiere dates of both the fifth season of “True Blood” and the debut of Aaron Sorkin’s new drama “The Newsroom” have been confirmed.

The twelve-episode season of ‘Blood’ will commence from June 10th, while ‘Newsroom’ follows two weeks later with a ten-episode season commencing June 24th.

In other HBO news, the cable channel provider’s much lauded HBO Go On-Demand service is set to become available shortly on the Xbox 360 for Comcast subscribers. [Source: UberGizmo]

HBO has teamed with “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas along with Ira Glass and Owen Wilson to develop a drama series entitled “Thrillsville”. Thomas is penning the script.

The series is a fictionalised spin on a 2010 “This American Life” segment about a 40-year-old San Diego meth smuggler-turned-advertising copywriter who deals with a midlife crisis by rescuing two kidnapped young girls in Mexico. [Source: Variety]