TV News: Westworld, Flash, Hannibal, Affair

Sidse Babbett Knudsen (“Borgen”) is set to take over for Miranda Otto in HBO’s upcoming robot theme park-themed series “Westworld”. Knudsen will play Theresa Cullen, the pivotal operations head of Westworld.

Also hopping onboard are Eion Bailey (“Once Upon A Time”) as ladies man Logan, Jimmi Simpson (“House of Cards”) as park-newbie William, and Clifton Collins Jr. as sly criminal Lawrence. They join a cast that includes Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden and Thandie Newton. [Source: Deadline]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Confused about what’s going on with Firestorm in the upcoming “The Flash” spin-off, namely will Robbie Amell still be in the role? His co-star and the character’s other half Victor Garber (who plays Martin Stein) says he knows about as much as us:

“I can tell you this much. It will be resolved and you will see Robbie, but the Firestorm, they’re in the comics, there’s other connections, so we will see how it plays out, but it’s unknown at the moment… it is in definitely going to be set up in The Flash.” [Source: Cinema Blend]

Though NBC rarely chided producer Bryan Fuller about content in the acclaimed but sadly cancelled “Hannibal,” the show runner revealed at Comic Con this weekend that one objection the network did have was nothing to do with violence or gore but rather a sexual name.

Fuller says the network objected to a lesbian sex euphemism, so he came up with a few others and one of them he found during a Google search got through – “button-stitching”. [Source: The Live Feed]

The Affair
Showtime has unveiled the trailer for the second season of its infidelity drama “The Affair” starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. The provocative drama returns to the network this Fall.