TV News: Walking, Beauty, Anarchy

The Walking Dead
David Morrissey will join AMC’s zombie drama “Walking Dead” as The Governor, the main villain of season three.

In the comics Rick and his group encounter the character when they find a new settlement of survivors in Woodbury. While Rick is a kind and fair leader, the Governor is anything but. [Source: The Live Feed]

Beauty and the Beast
Scottish singer and stage actor Darius Campbell has landed the male lead in ABC’s drama pilot “Beauty And The Beast”.

The story has an embattled princess discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast, Shiro (Campbell), a mercenary bodyguard. Chris Egan was recently cast as the princesses’ fiance Gorrick. [Source: Deadline]

Sons of Anarchy
A video game based on the hit FX series is in very early discussions it would seem.

Creator Kurt Sutter tweeted – “Have a major gaming company interested. Trying to figure out costs, platform and timing. To do a quality platform-based game costs tens of millions and takes years. We’re toying with the idea of a high-end browser-based game.” [Source: Twitter]