TV News: Thrones, Bad, Rubicon, Wives

Game of Thrones

The first artwork and teaser trailer for HBO’s much anticipated fantasy epic “Games of Thrones” premiering next year have been released by the network.

Production on the series has been pushed back to late July, no word on when it will premiere though it’s expected to either be in March or next Summer.

Breaking Bad

A day after its third season finale, the acclaimed AMC drama has been officially renewed for a fourth season.

The news comes thanks to a 20% ratings increase over this past season to bring its numbers up to 2.2 million viewers per episode, making it the network’s most popular series (ahead of “Mad Men”).

Creator Vince Gilligan talked a little about the finale and his plans for next season in an interview up at Reuters.


The pilot episode of AMC’s upcoming conspiracy thriller series aired this weekend and in case you missed it the network has posted the full episode online.

Army Wives

One thing becoming increasingly popular again is what’s called an ’embedded pilot’. These are the ‘special episodes’ of certain shows which are used to introduce characters from a planned upcoming spin-off series.

A staple of sitcoms and certain soaps in the 90’s, the trend has been used to good effect in recent years by CBS’ crime procedural shows like “CSI,” “Criminal Minds” and “NCIS”.

Now, Lifetime is planning a similar trick with its upcoming “Army Wives” spin-off. According to Reuters, an episode towards the end of the current fourth season of “Army Wives” will see “Wives” regular Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) returning to her former career and becomes a detective with the Atlanta police department.

Gabrielle Union has just been cast to play her partner, Detective Gina Holt, who will become a critical character in said spin-off.