TV News: Supernatural, Smallville, FlashForward

The CW network president Dawn Ostroff has given every indication that she wants “Supernatural” back for a sixth season reports EW. Though the ratings for the show have slipped a tiny bit this year, it has held up stronger than almost all other shows on the network and creatively is one of the best reviewed network shows on at the moment.

The catch here is creator Eric Kripke who created the program with a five-season outline, meaning all the pre-existing story threads will wrap up sometime in May with the Winchester brothers on track to slay Satan and stop the Apocalypse at the conclusion of this season. Ostroff says Kripke is coming around to the idea of another season and certainly hasn’t run out of ideas of stories to do.

Ostroff also said she’s “very optimistic” about the Superman drama coming back for a tenth season. The show was dumped to a Friday night slot this season where ratings plunged to 2.5 million viewers per episode. That number is still a lot better than The CW has had in recent years. Ostroff says she and the showrunners “haven’t even gotten to how they’re going to deal with the last episode and whether it’s a season finale or series finale. But right now, I think it’s just a season finale”

FlashForward’s return has been pushed back two weeks to a two-hour premiere on March 18th and new episodes every week until the two-hour season finale on May 27th. The move was made to get the program out of the path of American Idol says Live Feed.