TV News: Supernatural, Borgias, Burn, Town

Three shows wrap up 5/6-year long story arcs in the next fortnight. “Lost” will finally solve its mysteries while “Ashes to Ashes” will resolve both itself and elements of “Life on Mars”.

First cab off the rank though is the fifth season finale of “Supernatural” which, despite being renewed, wraps up the apocalypse storyline it has been developing since the beginning and in earnest for the past two years.

Now two clips and a bunch of photos from the episode entitled ‘Swan Song’ have emerged as Sam and Dean attempt to throw Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) back into his cage.

The episode follows last week’s acclaimed ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’ where Dean confronts the final horseman – Death himself.

The Borgias
British acting legend Derek Jacobi has been cast as Cardinal Orsini, the main rival to Pope Alexander (Jeremy Irons), in the first few episodes of the Renaissance-era crime drama on Showtime reports THR.

Burn Notice
EW reports that Burt Reynolds will guest star in the upcoming fourth season as Paul Anderson, an ex-CIA operative who was forced out of the spy biz much like series lead Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan).

Creator Matt Nix says “He’s not precisely like Michael. He’s Michael should Michael succumb to some of the demons that haunt ex-spies.”

Happy Town
After dismal ratings, ABC is pulling serial mystery “Happy Town” from its schedule for the rest of the month/season after the third episode tonight reports The Live Feed.

The remaining five episodes will be burned off over the Summer starting June 2nd.