TV News: Supergirl, Girls, Legends, Bates, Lies

Entertainment Tonight has posted a first look at Itali Ricci and her Siobhan Smythe character in full Silver Banshee mode in an upcoming episode of CBS’ “Supergirl” series. A fairly faithful version of the comic which was first brought to life in 1987, the character was given powers by an otherworldly entity – powers including lethal sonic screams, super-strength and super-speed. [Source: IGN

Gilmore Girls
Alexis Bledel’s Rory Gilmore is getting all her ex-boyfriends back for Netflix’s upcoming four telemovie revival of the family drama “Gilmore Girls”. Today, the first photo has been released of actor Jared Padalecki reprising the role of Rory’s first love Dean Forester on the set. Check that out below:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
A new promo trailer is out of Stephen Amell as “old man Oliver Queen,” an alternate future version and more comic-like take on his Green Arrow character, who faces off once again with Deathstroke in the 2046 Star City-set episode of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” airing next week.

Bates Motel
The new trailer is out for the fourth season of A&E’s “Bates Motel ” which returns for ten new episodes from March 7th. In the new season, Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) continues his descent into madness as Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) seeks professional help for her son – an act that will be perceived as betrayal.

House of Lies
Showtime has today released the new poster and teaser trailer for their upcoming fifth season of “House of Lies” which returns April 10th. Don Cheadle, Josh Lawson, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz and more return for the new episodes which are the first American scripted series filmed in Cuba since the restoration of diplomatic relations last summer.