TV News: Star Wars, Office, Skins

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Liam Neeson will reprise his “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” role as doomed Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn on Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” on January 28th and again on February 11th reports Entertainment Weekly.

Neeson will be voicing Qui-Gon, who appears to Obi-Wan Kenobi in visions, in a three-part arc about his former protege Anakin Skywalker’s destiny as the Chosen One. A clip of his appearance can be seen here.

The Office
Ricky Gervais will reprise his role as David Brent, the original boss in the UK version of “The Office”, in a cameo where he runs into his U.S. edition counterpart Michael Scott (Steve Carell) reports Vulture

Gervais’ brief appearance will air on January 27th. The scene itself was shot back in September when Gervais was in Los Angeles for the Emmys.

MTV executives have become concerned that some scenes from their provocative remake of the UK cult series “Skins” may violate federal child pornography statutes reports The NY Times.

The executives ordered the producers to make changes to tone down some of the most explicit content. In particular the third episode of the series showed a naked 17-year-old actor (Jesse Carere) shown from behind as he runs down a street. His storyline, a high school student who has taken erectile dysfunction pills, is a punch line throughout the episode.

Child pornography in the United States is defined as any visual depiction of a minor (under 18) engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The producers purposefully cast actors ages 15 to 19, most of whom had never acted before.

Cultural differences are also in play. The episodes for MTV, including the third one, are virtually identical to the UK original episodes. However Britain has historically displayed a higher tolerance for TV eroticism than the United States.

The show attracted 3.3 million to its premiere on Monday night, 1.2 million of which were under 18 despite the show’s TV-MA rating.