TV News: Southland, Seeker, Who, Anarchy

Despite disappointing ratings, TNT has ordered a third season of the critically-acclaimed cop drama. Ten episodes will kick off filming later this year to begin airing in January.

Legend of the Seeker
EW reports that after two seasons the Sam Raimi-produced fantasy series has been cancelled. ABC Studios reportedly searched for a new home to air the third season but failed to find a buyer.

Doctor Who
Over 5500 complaints were registered with the BBC over an onscreen animated banner advertising the talent show “Over the Rainbow” which appeared during the most recent episode of “Doctor Who” reports The Daily Mail.

The graphic obscured the face of Matt Smith’s Doctor as he was giving a dramatic final ultimatum in the acclaimed episode’s cliffhanger ending. The incident, much like a similar one when a “V” countdown clock interfered with “Lost” on US television last month, has scored a surprisingly large amount of media coverage and has forced the network to issue a ‘sort of’ apology.

Sons of Anarchy
Hal Holbrook has signed up to guest star in a four-episode arc the upcoming third season of FX’s critically acclaimed hit drama series. Holbrook’s run kicks off with the third season premiere episode premiering in September.