TV News: Smallville, Lost, Chuck, Thrones

Buddy TV reports that “Smallville” has been officially renewed for a tenth season. Callum Blue apparently has a two-year contract to play Zod so expect to see him around next season as well.

Executive producer Damon Lindelof tells EW that the series-long running Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle won’t be getting much onscreen concern in the final few episodes of the series – “The stakes have moved beyond, ‘Who’s Kate going to pick?’…we’re not writing a romance novel here. I understand in seasons past how that was much more relevant. we’re not neglecting it, but there’s a lot of fish to fry. The elements of the love triangle… are a huge part of the season. All that stuff is in play.”

Meanwhile actor Nestor Carbonell says the reason why his character Richard Alpert doesn’t age will be explained in the Richard-centric upcoming March 23rd episode of the series, and the answer surprised him.

TV Guide reports that four characters will contemplate leaving Burbank, and two of them will actually go through with it. However with the show’s globe-trotting ways, those character departures won’t be absolute.

Game of Thrones
HBO has greenlit a nine-episode first season of “Game of Thrones”, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Iain Glen, Lena Headey all star in the fantasy epic about a family who become caught up in high court intrigue when the father becomes the King’s right-hand man. David Benioff and Dan Weiss are producing while Thomas McCarthy (“The Station Agent,” “The Visitor”) directed the pilot.

Shooting kicks off in Belfast in June for a premiere next Spring.