TV News: Sherlock, iTunes, Modern, Who

The first telemovie of the second series screened for UK press this week and reviews are already up at Den of Geek and GQ with the word being extremely good – better than the already acclaimed first series.

More importantly though BBC One has finally set a UK air date for the first episode – January 1st 2012 at 8:10pm. The network has also released several new promo images which can be found at Anglotopia, while a promo trailer is expected imminently.

iTunes have announced the most downloaded television shows of 2011 in the United States with “Doctor Who” topping the list.

Coming in second to tenth are “Modern Family,” “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad,” “True Blood,” “Top Gear,” “Glee,” “Entourage,” “Archer” and “The Walking Dead”… ” [Source:THR]

Modern Family
Ellen Barkin is set for a guest-starring role on the ABC sitcom “Modern Family” starting early 2012 and potentially recurring.

Barkin plays Vera, a hardened real estate veteran who becomes the main rival of Phil (Ty Burrell). [Source:]