TV News: Sherlock, Camelot, Who, Torchwood

Russell Tovey (UK’s “Being Human,” “Doctor Who”) has confirmed via his Twitter account that he’s scored a major guest starring role in the second season of “Sherlock”.

Tovey is set to play the key role of Sir Henry Baskerville in the second episode which is based on the most famous Holmes story of all – “The Hound of the Baskervilles”.

In the book, Sir Charles Baskerville is killed from fear of a ghostly hound haunting his estate. His nephew Henry inherits the estate, and Watson travels there in order protect Sir Henry from a plot to take his life.

The role has previously been played by such actors as Martin Shaw, Christopher Lee, Matt Day and Kenneth Williams.

Starz have confirmed they’re not moving forward with a second season of their adult take on the Arthurian legend “Camelot”.

Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower and Eva Green starred in the project which opened to strong numbers but never broke out as it was seen as the weakest of several major cable shows to premiere around the same time including “Game of Thrones,” “The Killing” and “The Borgias”.

The producers have officially cited “significant production challenges” as the reason for the decision not to renew. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Doctor Who
“Doctor Who” will have a panel at the San Diego Comic Con this year with both stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan set to appear.

Writer and “Being Human” creator Toby Whithouse will also be in attendance, and footage from the new episodes to air later this year will be screened. [Source: Pop Culture Zoo]

Torchwood: Miracle Day
Finally today, Starz has posted an eleven-minute behind-the-scenes video with a heap of new footage from the upcoming “Torchwood: Miracle Day” which you can watch below – that is if you’re in the United States as Starz geoblocks everything.

A few have been asking if they should watch any of the original “Torchwood” first before starting ‘Miracle Day’. Though it’s not absolutely necessary, my advice would be to definitely see the ‘Children of Earth’ mini-series which is the five-episode immediate predecessor to this season.

The fallout from the events in ‘Children’ will inform on actions here, plus it works as a good introduction to the series even if you haven’t seen any of the show beforehand.