TV News: Ripper, Magic, Marvel, Dead

Ripper Street
BBC America has announced it’s co-producing the new BBC crime series Ripper Street which has already started filming in London and stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, Myanna Buring and David Dawson.

The eight-episode run follows the 1889 aftermath of the Jack the Ripper murders in London’s East End and comes from “Waking the Dead” and “Mistresses” writer Richard Warlow. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Magic City
The Starz network has done it again, renewing its 1960’s Miami-set period crime tale “Magic City” for a second season several weeks before the first episode goes to air. The first three episodes will debut on various platforms before the premiere goes to air on April 6th.

Starz previously did the same for the Kelsey Grammer-led “Boss” which rode in on great acclaim. However both praise for the show and the ratings quickly dwindled as the season went on, thus they’re stuck with having to produce a second season.

Marvel TV Shows
Asked about the status of the various Marvel-based live-action series in development at Disney, Frequent TV producer Jeph Loeb says that three shows are in active development at ABC.

Those three? “The Incredible Hulk”, “aka Jessica Jones”, and “The Punisher”. All three are some time off as they’re taking their time to develop these properly rather than hastily. [Source: Collider]