TV News: Real Time, Treme, Supernatural

Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO’s popular political discussion/comedy series has not only been renewed for a ninth season to air next year, but the order has been upgraded to 35 episodes according to an official HBO press release.

This means there won’t be a 2-3 month break over the Summer like there have been in seasons past. Excluding a few holiday weeks (e.g. Easter, July 4th), the show will essentially be on every week from January through till November next year.

After just one episode, HBO has given “The Wire” creator David Simon’s new original series “Treme” a renewal order for a second season.

The series premiere pulled in 1.4 million viewers factoring in various replays over the week. That’s up on the 890,000 viewers per week average which “The Wire” scored in its final season.

With the Apocalypse arc set to wrap up this season, showrunner Sera Gamble says next season of the series will take a different and more ‘intimate’ angle.

Gable tells Buddy TV that “There are certain things that are daunting about going into the season after Lucifer but you just don’t try to top it. Why would you ever go bigger than Lucifer? You just turn left and go a whole other direction and Supernatural is such a solid foundation of a show.”

Sounds like a return to the basics of the first two seasons with more self-contained episodes and less of an epic over-reaching arc. Gamble says “Supernatural has always been a very self-imposed, repeatable franchise and there has always been, I think, a very deep well to jump into the boys’ relationship. I don’t think we’ve really exhausted that at all and we have a lot of ideas for where to go after season five that we’re really excited about.”