TV News: Powerpuff, Gotham, Genius, Monarchy

The Powerpuff Girls
Hulu has secured exclusive streaming rights to the entire franchise of Cartoon Network’s animated series “The Powerpuff Girls”. In the show, the three pint-sized girls – Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green) – are called on to protect Townsville from criminals forces using their special powers.

Under the multiyear agreement, Hulu will add the entire collection of content which includes the reboot that debuted on Cartoon earlier this year, and the full classic library of 78 episodes from the original six-season. All episodes and titles from the new iteration of “The Powerpuff Girls” will stream exclusively on Hulu starting in early 2017. [Source: Variety]

James Remar (“Dexter”) has been cast in a recurring role on “Gotham”. Remar will play Frank Gordon, uncle to lead Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). The character is described as a master manipulator who holds a dark secret.

Twenty-five years after he abandoned his family after Jim’s father’s fatal car crash, he returns to reconnect with his estranged nephew. The date of his debut episode, nor the amount of episodes in which he’ll appear, have been announced. [Source: Variety]

Pure Genius
CBS has decidd not to order additional episodes of its new medical drama series “Pure Genius” beyond its original thirteen-episode pickup. The series will wrap production on December 15th and all produced episodes are expected to air.

The news follows something of a cowardly trend this season to offset bad headlines of effectively cancelling a series by not officially cancelling it. The show hasn’t been formally canceled and contract options remain in place, but chances of a renewal are so slim that it may as well be. [Source: Deadline]

The Monarchy Is Going to S–t
Freeform is teaming with “Big Bang Theory” cast member Jim Parsons to develop single-camera comedy “The Monarchy Is Going To S–t”. Parsons and Todd Spiewak will executive produce the series.

The story centers on the Monarchy of Andova, which is thrust into disarray when the king’s newly discovered illegitimate son is named as the rightful heir to the throne, effectively seizing the title from the king’s daughter, who has prepared her entire life to become the nation’s first reigning queen. [Source: The Live Feed]