TV News: NBC, Breaking In, W13, Trailers

More NBC Shuffling
NBC has officially brought the axe down on “The Event” and “Law and Order: Los Angeles” meaning neither the serial mystery drama or the legal procedural will be getting a second season in the Fall.

The network has also officially confirmed a fifth season renewal of “Chuck” with the shortened 13-episode run confirmed as being the show’s final batch of episodes. They also picked up four more sitcoms – the Amanda Peet rom-com “Bent”, the British rom-com adaptation “Free Agents”, the low-budget “BFFs”, and the Chelsea Handler project “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea”.

Breaking In
One show looks like it might have survived the blood bath over at Fox – “Breaking In”. The Christian Slater and Bret Harrison-led comedy was Fox’s highest-testing pilot last season but was passed at the time before being picked up in November for a mid-season premiere. The pilot scored great ratings which subsequently slipped but still held strong in further episodes.

It was expected to get a second season so its seeming cancellation the other day caught many by surprise. Now though, Fox is reportedly in discussions with the show’s producer Sony Pictures TV about possible ways to bring the show back next season. No decision is expected to be made until after the upfronts next week.

Warehouse 13
“Warehouse 13” showrunner Jack Kenny is currently penning a spin-off series that would revolve around actress Jaime Murray’s H.G. Wells character when she lived back in the 1890’s. Here’s a brief rundown:

“At the time she turned down offers from Warehouse 12 to join their team, and instead work as a freelance crime solver and solve the seemingly unsolvable cases with the aid of the police commissioner and a mechanical engineer friend. Her skills, styles and knowledge of contemporary science will be used as the framework for the stories of H.G. Wells that will be written by her brother.”

’13’ is one the network’s top rating shows of recent times with an average 3.4 million viewers per episode.

New Trailers
Finally today comes two TV trailers of note. The first is the new official trailer for the fourth season of “True Blood”, the first preview with a decent amount of new footage. The season premiere airs June 26th.

The second is a special BBC promo for the second season of “Luther”. No actual footage from the show is screened, but it’s nice nonetheless. The two TV Movie-length episodes are scheduled to air in the UK in June.

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