TV News: Music, SHIELD, Guy, Scandal, Kill

The Sound of Music
NBC’s live three-hour TV staging of “The Sound Of Music,” starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer, drew a 4.6 rating and 18.5 million viewers last night. The special easily dominated the night and marks NBC’s best non-sports Thursday since the finale of “ER” in 2009. [Source: The Live Feed]

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
Two new recurring agents will be added to the cast of ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” after it comes back from hiatus.

The show’s fourteenth episode introduces the two: an African-American agent who specializes in combat/weapons, and a high-level munitions expert with past ties to both Coulson and Ward. [Source: EW]

Family Guy
The Griffin family dog Brian is said to be back on “Family Guy” in the episode that’s set to go to air on December 15th. How the character will return is unclear at this point. [Source: EW]

ABC has reduced its current season order for Shonda Rhimes’ “Scandal” from 22 to 18 episodes. The network didn’t give a reason for the cutback, though star Kerry Washington’s pregnancy is likely to be a major cause – especially as she’s in most scenes in every episode. [Source: Deadline]]