TV News: Merlin, Ratings, FlashForward

A couple of general small screen scoops thanks to The THR Feed.

Syfy has scored the basic cable rights to British fantasy series “Merlin” and will air all twenty-six episodes that make up the first two season’s kicking off in April.

NBC aired the first season last Summer. A third season of the show begins airing in the UK in September.

The season premiere of “Lost” on Tuesday pulled in 12.1 million viewers (up 12% on last year’s season opener).

The second episode of ‘Galactica’ spin-off “Caprica” on Syfy lost 12% of viewers, falling to a low 1.4 million viewers.

Starz’s “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” rose 17% in its second episode, pulling in 773,000 viewers on the premium cable channel.

The movie-length ‘Justice League’-themed episode of “Smallville” on Friday scored the show’s season high with 2.6 million viewers on Friday.

Series co-creator David Goyer is stepping down as show runner. Goyer is shifting his focus to more feature film work in the near future, but will still remain involved with the show albeit in a less hands-on capacity.

Mark Guggenheim served as showrunner for the initial batch of episodes but stepped down in October with Goyer taking over the reigns. Production still has five further full episodes to shoot to finish its 23-episode first season order.