TV News: Magic, Angels, Killing, Breaking

Magic City
Starz has opted to not move forward with a third season of the period drama “Magic City”. The series finale is slated to air this Friday.

Like “Boss” and the upcoming pirate drama “Black Sails,” a second season was ordered ahead of its series premiere. ‘Magic’ however suffered from low ratings with first run episodes fetching between 300,000 and 500,000 viewers. [Source: The Live Feed]

Lost Angels
Frank Darabont’s new TNT period noir crime series “Lost Angels” reportedly straddles the line between an old-school miniseries and a traditional longer season.

As a result, the six first season episodes complete a story, but “set up a beautiful Season 2” says TNT head programmer Michael Wright. He added that he’d like to see the series return to TNT for limited runs each December, but each run would never be more than 12 episodes. [Source: Deadline

The Killing
AMC’s crime drama “The Killing” closed out its third season with 1.5 million viewers, up a fraction from its second season finale audience of 1.4 million viewers.

The show’s ratings have been remarkably steady over time, but it’s still the lowest rated of AMC’s originals. No decision has been made on a fourth season. [Source: The Live Feed]