TV News: Mad, Luck, Hurt, Hemingway

Mad Men
With the fifth season set to kick off March 25th, AMC has begun working hard on the publicity push for the return of the award-winning series. Along with some quite beautiful sepia-toned new cast photos, which can be seen here.

HBO has temporarily suspended the use of horses during production on Season 2 of David Milch and Michael Mann’s drama “Luck” after a third horse was injured on the set and euthanized.

The network is working with the American Humane Association and the CHRB to investigate the incident, with a certified safety representative on the premises of the Santa Anita stable. All safety precautions were in place.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called for production on the series to be shut down and blasted the production for its use of what they claim are unfit or injured horses. [Source: The Live Feed]

Hurt People
William Petersen is returning to television and is developing the hourlong crime drama series “Hurt People” in which he would star and executive produce for GK-TV.

Peter Macmanus (“Hollywoodland”) penned the script for the series which revolves around a longtime hitman employed by the crime family who killed his wife. Brown has been brought in to hunt down his estranged daughter, who is intent on destroying those responsible for her mother’s death. [Source: The Live Feed]

Hemingway & Gellhorn
In good news for HBO, the network has premiered the first trailer for this much anticipated telemovie about the romance between writer Ernest Hemingway and journalist Martha Gellhorn from their first meeting in Florida in 1936 through their five-year marriage and her inspiration for him to pen “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.